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Why do we rescue? I think the question should be “why would we not?”

To open your heart to another being in need is a human gift, a gift given at birth. Somewhere, for some, this gift has been lost. So, to those of us who cannot turn away, for those of us who become angry or sad at others cruelty, know that what you feel is normal. These emotions can be used to do something about it!  they can fuel pro-activity. They can be what inspires a Rescuer to achieve great heights when channeled productively. In fact, I believe that without these emotions we would not be driven to save so many lives….

There are different kinds of Rescuers...some of us may help just a few animals, giving them shelter in our homes and medical care if needed. Sometimes keeping them as our own pets, sometimes finding good homes for them. Others may branch out and volunteer with shelters while others may have their own charities or be employed by one. Whichever kind of Rescuer we are, we are all cut from the same cloth.

We were born with the love, compassion and empathy to do everything in our power to give unconditional love and help to a being that desperately needs it. We do this over and over with not so much as a question as to “how can I do this” or “should I do this?” but that “I will make this work, no matter what”. We are faced over and over with adversity, even judgment and criticism, this does not deter us, because in our heart, we know that what we are doing is our truth. What is our truth? Not questioning ourselves, believing with every ounce of our being that what we are doing is for the betterment of others. What we are doing is being human. Or, I should say, the right kind of human.

Who are we to turn our back on suffering? How on Earth could we ever make sense of that? When people ask us if “we’ve taken on too much” or “why are we doing this, it doesn’t make sense.” We know that we can handle it, we’ll find a way and it doesn’t make sense that it doesn’t make sense.

A common denominator that I have observed with Rescuers, is that we have a different set of priorities. For many, this line of work is not a lucrative one. Yes, there are many who have financial security, and they give generously, but those that are fighting for every dollar, will spend it on an animal in need before they spend it on themself. In my own personal experience, it is those with far less that are the ones who give the most. I personally would rather save a dog than have a Prada purse.

We have each other…with the internet, social media in particular, we can now connect with kindred spirits around the Globe, we can help empower and support one another at the click of a mouse. Instead of focusing on the “others” we are able to network with all those that have the same goal in mind; ease the suffering of other beings and do it unconditionally. Just as they unconditionally love us. With this empowerment we are able to make monumental differences in the World of Rescue. And what a beautiful World it is.


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