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Homemade, healthy, grain free dog food September 27 2013, 0 Comments

One of my dogs suffered from severe allergies. This lead me on a journey to find the best and healthiest foods for her. It seems too, that every time I look at news, there's a pet food recall. It's not so hard to cook for pets, I make their dinner when I make mine. Loving dogs as I do, I enjoy cooking for them. Keeping them happy and healthy makes me happy!

Growing up in the English countryside, our family dogs were always fed people food, not from the table, but in their bowl! (ok, I admit, I used to sneak tidbits under the table). The meat was usually some kind of offal, Brits are big on offal, or leftovers from the Sunday roast or a chicken. A few veggies were added to this, with a little gravy. Our dog lived to 15, with very few vet visits other than teeth cleaning.

I make something different every night, rotating meats and veggies to keep their diets varied. I learned that dogs that suffer allergies should not be fed the same thing over and over. Didn't seem to make sense at first, but on further research,  I found that allergies often occur just because of that!

I chose the obvious, and eliminated all grains. Also adding anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant spices, vitamins and seeds along with some pro-biotics to make sure everything is absorbed and to add the friendly bacteria.

This is what I prepared for my three small dogs tonight:

One can of sardines (each), in water with skin bone

Coconut flour mixed with warm water. One heaped tbsp per 10lbs of body weight.

Freshly ground flax and chia seeds, one tsp of each per dog.

Steamed broccoli and kale.

Sprinkle of turmeric.


Vitamin C powder.


Ratios of meat: 40%, vegetable 50%  other fiber 10%. Fat is good for your dog in small quantities, no more then 15% fat in the meat. Do not overdo fat as it can cause pancreatitis.

I feed sardines once a week only.

A little about some of the ingredients:

Coconut flour is a great source of fiber, low in calories and carbohydrates. It provides protein and iron. Fiber is important in your dogs diet to help with elimination and therefore toxins too, also anal gland secretion. Added fiber is also a great way to help a dog lose weight, as it satiates the appetite with very little calories.

Sardines provide not just protein but essential omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin D, phosphorus, B12.

Flax is known for it's anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer properties as well as omega 3.

Chia seeds contain a number of vitamins and minerals, a very popular Superfood.

Kelp, a seaweed, contains iodine and is rich in minerals. Effective supplement for endocrine system and metabolism.

Kale is an excellent source for Vitamins A, K, C, and many minerals. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

The carbohydrates in the vegetables and coconut flour are enough, starches/grains are not necessary carbs in a dogs diet.


The poops your dog will have are proof that this is a healthy diet! Mine all also have very shiny, soft coats and very little dander. They have never had any ear issues (stinky or slimy stuff in their ears) and never any skin problems. Since I started them on this diet, my little Dachshunds allergies have not occurred in years. They are at a perfect weight, with a waistline, feel a little ribs.


Please check back for more recipes!