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Why do we have dogs? September 25 2013, 0 Comments



Ask any owner why they have dogs, you’ll find that the response is usually because they provide us with unconditional love. Other reasons too, such as protection, companionship, a service animal. Yet still, it all ultimately comes down to the love that they bring us.
Millions of us know, upon opening our front door we are greeted with boundless love and enthusiasm time and time again. You can leave for five minutes or be gone a week, the greeting is always the same. I love you, no matter what, I love you. Countless endearing, funny, adorable behaviors that we never tire of.
Dogs don’t judge us, they don’t criticize us, they forgive us when we make mistakes. They see the good in everyone and they know when someone wants to do us wrong. They protect us, they are loyal to us, they trust us. They have gratitude. They will put their life on the line to save us. They provide us comfort when we are feeling down. They ground us when we feel angry. They grieve when they lose a friend and they grieve when they lose their owner. They sense and understand things that humans are incapable of, detecting disease, seizures, blood sugar levels, earthquakes, tsunamis. They find bodies in search and rescue, they detect drugs and explosives. They do everything selflessly. They do everything without expecting anything in return. They work together in packs, each one offering a special skill set to their survival, understanding each others needs and working together, fairly, to make sure that those needs are met. Watch a dog do it’s job, you will see it doing so fearlessly. Every part of it’s being is put into the task at hand. Focused and living only in the present, no fear or emotion impeding it from completing that what it has set out to accomplish.
The only time a dog is mistrustful, aggressive, anxious or nervous is when it, at some point has been abused. Yet, take the dog and put it into a loving and caring home, that same dog will learn how to forgive, how to trust and how to love again.

So why do we really have dogs? Is it because we don’t think that we can find these qualities in humans? and if so, why? Let us not think that, because we are human, that we cannot learn from an animal. Animals can actually be our best teachers should we choose to learn from them.
For many of us, at some point in our lives, perhaps, we have felt unloved. It could either be that we have not received any love at all or that the love we got was “conditional”. Conditional being the kind of love that requires something in return, not just for the love of someone, but that that someone must do something to feel worthy of the love. This can become manipulative and also come from obligation. Just being told “I love you” can give a person a sense of obligation to do something in return. Why should that be? Should we not just love someone for who they are without any expectation? Without wanting to change them? Without wanting something in return? Why is it that we feel the need to put conditions into any relationship?
When we go back to our childhood, we may well find the answers, if we are brave enough to look. Somewhere, imprinted upon us, is the very thing that we spend the rest of our lives reliving, over and over we try to fix that something. Caught on a cyclical imbalance, this imprint will stay with us until we have the courage to break free. Do you find yourself always wondering why the same things keep happening to you? Do you blame others and point the finger? At what point can we realize that we are the common denominator? I believe, that it is at the moment in time when we realize we have just had enough that we can stop and choose to make different decisions.
Many find their “love” and validation through external things whether it be materialistic things, conditional relationships, outward appearance, pets, food, work, drugs, alcohol…the list goes on and on.


What stops us from escaping our past and truly living our true life’s destiny? Fear. Fear is an obstacle. Fear stops us in our tracks. Most will not admit to having an iota of fear. That would be cowardly and sissy. But fear is not just being afraid of the Dark, it is fear of stepping into the Light. Truly showing our vulnerability is not a sign of weakness, but that of strength and courage. How many of us are doing what we love to do and making a living from it? How many of us are tapped into our inner creativity? How many of us feel stuck? How many of us truly hate our jobs, our relationships? And why do we stay where we are? What do we need to break free?
We need love. We need unconditional love. We need people to believe in us and our dreams. We cannot do this alone. However big or small they are, our dreams are attainable. We need to feel like we are a part of something, something bigger than ourselves. A collection of higher energy, a place where we can connect and feel stronger. A place where we feel united in one common thing. That thing is love.
When people judge and criticize you, it is because they see a strength in you that they lack. Stay away from these people, especially when you are not feeling strong. Seek those that see your gifts and want to help you shine. Those that want to lift you up not put you or keep you down. Those people exist and they will come to you when you believe in yourself. The very energy that you put out is the energy that you get back. If we learn to believe that love is all around us, it will be, but the journey starts within. Be kind to others and you will receive kindness. Be generous to others and you will receive generosity. Every moment of your life is an opportunity to choose differently. Believe in humanity, no matter how bleak the World is looking, you can counteract hate with love. Humans all have one thing in common, regardless of race, color, sex, sexuality or religion, we all want to love and be loved, we all deserve this, it is our birthright.
Here is where we can look to the dog, and what the dog is able to do. Go back to the top of the page, re-read all the qualities of the dog and apply that to the human being. We can do all of those things (well, not the sniffing out disease, bombs and natural disasters). Start with forgiveness, first of yourself and then with others. Allow people the opportunity to love you and allow yourself the opportunity to love back. Look for the good in people and you will find it. Remember that others may not be where you are today, but neither were you until this moment. Be kind, be patient, be encouraging, be aware of your surroundings, live in the moment. Do what you are truly destined to do, take a leap of Faith and trust that the Universe will catch you.
Dog has been Man’s best friend for hundreds of years, isn’t it time we learned from them?


Life with dogs in Manhattan - The ripple effect of happiness. September 13 2013, 1 Comment


For those of you who have ridden the New York City subway, you'll know that you can be in a car with ten people or a car packed like sardines at rush hour and no one, but no one will speak to anyone. Not so much as an acknowledgement, not a "good morning, afternoon, or evening." If anything, you might witness disagreements, arguments, fights, thieves, panhandlers and the inevitable crazy person. Everybody going about their hectic New York life. Manhattanites, like hamsters on their wheels. Running, running, running.


Now, this all changes when you bring a dog on the train. Or I should say, a dog like my Dachshund, Bunny.

As I was getting ready to head downtown NYC to meet some friends, Bunny was doing her very best "take me, take me" dance. As usual, because I'm so well trained, she got her way. She rides the train in a sling style dog bag,  though I do admit, she worms her way out so that she can look out of the window at all the dots, spots and things that she sees as the train whizzes through the stations. She generally climbs up my chest and onto my shoulder, pressing her nose against the glass and looking like she's watching a tennis match, glancing side to side, side to side, with an occasional up and down. She also often turns and stares at a person. This is when it starts to happen, people cannot help but to smile (a sight on the subway as rare as a Yeti). And, well, I just can't resist, I have to say something...usually "made you smile!" or when she stares, I say "she doesn't know it's rude...."

So, on this particular occasion, I was surrounded by people. Gradually one by one, they all started smiling and laughing at Bunny's antics. Some would not offer me any eye contact, seemingly wanting to only keep it to themselves or perhaps afraid to engage. As the train continued on, a conversation started up, soon those that were at first reluctant, joined in. We talked about the love of dogs, the funny things that they do, our favorite breeds and the value of a Mutt. A lady mentioned that she had owned a Dachshund that had passed away some years ago, as she spoke her eyes misted and drifted fondly back.

For a few minutes, a train full of strangers found a way to relate to one another, to laugh and enjoy some stories together. Never to see each other again. It truly was a magical New York moment for me. I was glad that I had listened to Bunny's demands, her one persuasive action had a ripple effect of happiness for many.

So, in the City that is oft considered cold and rude, a subway car full of people, found warmth and comradery. It's clear, people aren't so different  really. All it takes is knowing what love is, we as dog lovers, all have that in common.