We are dedicated to re-homing at risk online pets through reputable registered 501C3 rescue organizations. First contacting the ads and establishing a line of communication with the owner we seek to have the ad taken down and replaced with our own ad on our Facebook page.

Pet Rescue Squad then networks with rescues from around the country to home the pet. Pet temperament evaluations are taken before any pets are listed. Home visits, contracts and references are all a process that the rescue will carry out preceding any adoption. All rescues that help with adoptions are spotlighted on our page.

With the goal to provide a safe alternative to online pet rehoming. PRSI also focuses on education, offering resources and enforcement. Education provides information to those that are perhaps unaware of the dangers of selling online, the importance of spay and neuter and other pertinent information that can help owners that are considering surrendering their pet. Resources provide owners with other options other than surrender and enforcement occurs when we are aware of suspicious online activity which we in turn report to local police precincts, animal cruelty division, FBI, the DA's office and the ASPCA.